Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning

We all know how beautiful carpets can make your floor look, that soft texture and lovely smell, well that is only if it remains clean. Carpet cleaning is essential to keeping your carpet looking beautiful, smelling good and healthy, the question is, do you do it yourself or have professionals do it?

Cleaning your carpet the right way requires certain equipments and techniques, to keep your warranty up to standard, it may be required to have your carpet cleaned by professionals.

How often should your carpets be  cleaned?
To ensure a clean and healthy living or working environment. It depends on several factors,

1: Is the carpet under warranty?
2: Do you, your family guests or employees have problems with asthma or allergies?
3: Do you have kids or pets?
4: What level of traffic is typical for your home or workplace? the manufacturer's warranty on your carpeting may require regular professional cleaning in order to maintain the validity of the warranty.When purchasing carpeting be sure to request a copy of your warranty.


Scheduling frequent professional carpet cleaning is critical for people with asthma or allergies. A properly designed and scheduled carpet cleaning program that focuses on extraction will ultimately improve indoor air quality.

Different situations may warrant more frequent carpet cleaning such as homes with children and or pets, high traffic environments such as day cares, nursing homes, commercial spaces, restaurants and schools. Every one to six months, in addition carpet should be cleaned after home improvement projects, large gatherings or any other activities that result in a buildup of dirt grime and other contaminants. The frequency of carpet cleaning should also increase with high humidity or dusty weather conditions.

To get a quote for your carpet cleaning needs, use the search box above to find a carpet cleaner near you.

All members of the cleaning companies are fully insured and vetted by the British Cleaners Association, and must agree to abide by the code of practice, to provide you with first class service and reliable, trustworthy domestic cleaners.

We are not just looking for members, instead we are actively checking references and insurance policies to ensure that all companies on our books are working to impeccable standards, and have fulfilled 100% of our requirements before accepting them

Your carpeting serves as a safe and comfortable design element that adds warmth and beauty to any space.  Let us keep it that way.

Updated: 05-03-2020