Domestic cleaning


Domestic cleaning is one of the many services that people of all walks of life have come to enjoy, knowing that no matter what the situation, one phone call or a search on the internet can have your domestic cleaning needs taken care of.

So what is domestic cleaning?
Domestic cleaning includes dusting, wiping surfaces, vacuuming, mopping floors, cleaning the kitchen, ironing clothes, and doing laundry. All of these and more are services you can hire a domestic cleaner to do for you as often as you need.

What is the cost?
The cost for domestic cleaning depends highly on the services required as most people will have other needs and the quantity of the service required. Take into consideration the size of the area that will be cleaned. In most cases, the cost is very affordable.

Who needs a domestic cleaner?
Let's face it, many people are just too busy to take on certain house chores, busy moms, working dads, business owners, parents with more than one job, people with allergies to dust particles and or cleaning agents, and so forth. Many people may fall into one or more of these categories and would benefit from having domestic cleaning services.

Where to find domestic cleaners?
Now that you know that domestic cleaners are heaven-sent, finding a highly professional, reliable and trustworthy domestic cleaner is very important. Knowing that this person will be entering your home, knowing that your cleaner is from a trusted source can be a great relief to you and your family.
British cleaners associations is an online company that offers you the opportunity to find highly reputable companies that offer cleaning services in your area, they have strict requirements by the association board to ensure that each cleaning agency offers highly trustworthy and reliable domestic cleaners that you can feel safe letting into your home.

Use the search box above to find a domestic cleaner near you.

All members of the cleaning companies are fully insured and vetted by the British Cleaners Association and must agree to abide by the code of practice, to provide you with first-class service and reliable, trustworthy domestic cleaners.

We are not just looking for members, instead, we are actively checking references and insurance policies to ensure that all companies on our books are working to impeccable standards, and have fulfilled 100% of our requirements before accepting them.

You can rest assured that you will find a domestic cleaner with impeccable cleaning services that will have your home sparkling clean and leaving you satisfied while not having to lift a finger yourself.

All member cleaning companies are fully insured, vetted by the British Cleaners Association, and agree to abide by our code of practice, to provide you with a first-class service and reliable, trustworthy domestic cleaners.

When looking for a domestic cleaner, don't just invite anyone into your home, without knowing they are trustworthy and competent. Select your cleaner with the confidence that they have been vetted by the BCA.

One of our requirements is that all members have the BCA logo on their websites and paperwork, you can also verify members by using the “verify a member” link in the drop-down menu at the top of this page, simply enter the membership number of the company, they will be happy to provide you with their unique membership number for you to do this.

Find your BCA-approved domestic cleaner today!

Updated: 20-04-2021